Services and fields of activities

We provide solutions commensurate with type of water and wastewater applications, pipe line, power plant, refinery utilities and renewable energy. Each project we carry out here is an individual solution to a specific problem with simple philosophy “no pre-conceived ideas, no product catalogues”

As an EPC contractor Shafab has developed an unparalleled global sourcing capability providing our customers with the same unmatched quality and maximum value through limination of non-value added expenses.

Shafab’s highly trained field service engineers, located strategically in different geographical areas around the globe, ensure quality service in a timely and expeditious manner to help us realize our core value of customer satisfaction.

We invest in our future, by working on new technologies, product and processes to meet the evolving needs of our customers. Today Shafab is the single sources solution provider covering the entire gamut of water and wastewater purification services, pipe line, power plant, refining utilities and renewable energy under one roof.

  Industrial water and wastewater treatment plant

Shafab provides a full spectrum of water and wastewater treatment. Whether the feed source is oily, chemical, cooling, boiler feed or any industrial plant Shafab offers the expertise and experience to purify it to your industry’s specific need.

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  Municipal water and wastewater treatment plant

Being active in the field of water and wastewater treatment for so many years, Shafab is a possession of comprehensive technological know-how as well as extensive experience of treating all type of water and wastewater or to specific requirement of customers by working closing with you on each stage of the project. We can provide a seamless, smooth – running project from inception, through installation and commissioning, to on going service and consultation and most importantly without surprises.

Shafab offers a strong product portfolio in optimal treatment systems customized to satisfy specific needs for a project. Whether the factors governing project requirements are process or regulatory, Shafab provides the products and technologies to offer a cost-effective treatment scheme from pretreatment to zero liquid discharge or a combination.

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  Refining and petrochemical (oil & gas)

We are helping customers design procurement and installation, oil and gas utilities such as power generation, sea water supply, cooling water, desalinated water supply, demin/potable plant, fire works, i nstrument and utilities air supply. Our staffs have that essential hands-on experience to deliver integrated a cost effective solutions. They have the ability to handle any situation and will remain in support until you see the benefits.

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  Power plant

We offer best performance providing engineering, manufacturing and supply of utilities needed in power generation plant such as demin water supply, wastewater treatment, fire fighting equipment, water supply line cooling water, raw material, instrument and equipment.

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  Industrial process such as food, steel, paper and etc.

We can help you streamline all aspects of project design and construction. We believe all project fees are usually recovered within months and leaving customers to enjoy the long-term benefits of our advice.

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  Renewable energy

Shafab and its partners aim is to encourage the use of renewable energy, wind and solar energy in an economic way through sensible system design engineering and advanced product development. Our partners and we develop and manufacture turbines that make efficient use of wind energy to produce reliable competitively priced electricity. Our people are accustomed to designing blades, turbines and generators dedicated to specific customers needs.

A modern energy solution is about more than just choosing a wind turbine and solar equipment. To ensure the commercial viability of your investment, it is vital that the wind power and solar projects are correctly dimensioned and that their operation is stable. A power plant represents a long-term investment, and we know that trouble-free production is crucial for achieving a satisfactory return.

We offer various products to support functionality in regard to the electricity grid. We are able to meet most of the requirements set by authorities and transmission companies worldwide. These products, which cover our entire portfolio of wind turbines and solar equipment, can be configured so that their functionality and performance can be configured to meet specific grid connection requirements.

We are honored to work with our partners in the wind & solar industry. The services has helped us to become one of the leaders in the renewable industry.

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