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Fast and efficient After Sales Service is the key to smooth and successful treatment plant operation and performance. To maintain our client’s confidence, we offer Enhanced After Sales Services, differentiating us from standard after sales service and thus strengthening our competitiveness.
For our clients, this means having the benefit of implementing advanced, cost-effective strategies and processes to increase the plant’s performance and reduce usage of consumables.

Our services range from technology development, design and engineering, procurement and construction to operation and maintenance for both industry and municipalities for water and waste water treatment and furthermore to the oil and gas industries and packages.

  • Operation and Maintenance for any type of plants and equipment
  • long term or either short term Operation
  • Plant performance assessment
  • Process and plant optimization
  • Training
  • Remote monitoring


In the equipment supply and procurement, this has close commercial deals with internationally approved and popular manufacturers across the Europe for valves, control system, pumps and etc., as per the industry requirements. Shafab is proud of continuous development in its engineers’ knowledge through endless training aiming to expand the R&D sector’s expertise. At the same time, these activities are supported with technical interaction with international R&D centers across the world which has made us the bests.

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